Guava Newton

90 miles to freedom.  90 miles from home.

Dancing on the Hyphen


“I write of sea shells in blankets of sands,

Discovered by happy children's hands...

I write to soothe my aching heart,

To show their lot, to take their part...”


"Mama, are they going to take me?"

"Papi said, it could be like a doctor's exam."

“Amarilys crosses genres with ease and subtlety, achieving intimacy from first page, rendering readers amazed and satisfied…you learn something about yourself every time you flip a page…You hear shells; your armor cracks as your soul erupts, growing bolder.”

–Alina Vitali, Award winning author, poet, MSW

“Amarilys’ poignant stories and poems are beautiful works of art that transport you to another time and place…You can’t help but feel what she feels as she takes you on a journey of her Cuban-American heritage. I love reading them. Every single word.”

–Kim Hackett, award-winning author with

pieces published in the Florida Writers Association

Anthologies, Slices Of Life and Let’s Talk.

“The Cuban culture Amarilys writes about and her language use are like a foreign flower, a fragrance familiar but a form so exotically beautiful.”

–John Tate, award-winning author

“With a Latin rhythm, her lyrical words offer a glimpse into Cuba’s tyrannical leadership and communism’s stifling of hope for Cuban citizens. Her poetry resonates within me….”

–Frances Mancuso Durler, award-winning

poet of “Broken Doll,” published in the Long Island

Quarterly, Live Poets Anthology IV & V, and Art Times.

Praise for Cuban-American

Prose and Poetry by Amarilys Gacio Rassler

Illustrations by Tony Mendoza